Mr Talley

Spoken Word Artist

For years Mr. Talley has been captivating audiences with his unique style of spoken
word poetry with his smooth voice.  Leaving the listener anticipating even more, with the forthcoming Private Whispers release.

When Mr. Talley speaks, you must pay attention. His style has been described as an erotic, sensual free-for-all. 

His voice is one of passion and raw sexuality, and once you hear it, you won't forget mellow and smooth, it melts the inhibitions of anyone that listens. 

Female listeners are taken aback by Mr. Talley's forthright style and vocal virtuosity. 

His poetic imagery will make you reminisce, elicit long forgotten memories and have you believing in love and romance once again. 

And whether he flows over music or he performs a cappella, he most certainly gets his message across. 

Mr. Talley has performed in the South at Club Ampersand in New Orleans and Seven All Arts Cafe in Jackson, MS.   He has been the featured performer at an erotic poetry night held in St. Louis, MO .

His upcoming book Private Whispers is available on Amazon as well as the previous CD release of the sensually stimulating 'No Candles'. 

Mr. Talley has emerged from the darkness of the poetry stage and is poised to take his place in its bright lights. 
Whatever you do, please don't let him take this journey without you.
Sanskrit for "the Divine in me honors the Divine in you"

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